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Creator, Article Video Robot (PHP7, Mysql, Angular 1.x)

Created Article Video Robot, an online software that can turn any text article into an animated movie with music and narration (text-to-speech).

Creator, Uploader Window (Laravel, Mysql, Vue)

Uploader window allows web developers to easily add a File Uploader forin their own projects. It was ranked as #1 Product of the Day (January 21, 2018) on Product hunt (

Creator, InstaKeywords (PHP7, Mysql, AWS Lambda)

Created Instakeywords, a SEO tool for website owners to find long tail keywords and increase website rankings.

Creator, Toufee (PHP, Mysql, AS3)

Co-Created, initially a flash based tool for webmasters to create banners and slideshows (now with HTML5 / Canvas). Toufee has been featured on Techcrunch, Mashable, Lifehacker, etc

Founder, Day and Night Solutions India

Established an India-based company in 2004 that has products featured in Techcrunch, Mashable, Adobe and Discovery channel.

Created LambdaPHP (open source) - 62 stars

My own PHP framework for hosting websites on AWS Lambda using AWS's API.

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