Kimberley Dietemann

Music-obsessed Human-Computer Interaction student (usability / user research / UX & UI). Currently working for Plug.dj (a social music startup) and Jigsaw Renaissance (a nonprofit / DIY community hackerspace).

I'm a n00b on many topics, but I like to be helpful when possible.

Elsewhere online: @xaotica * @xaoticatech * @nadirradio * @plusplusxx

Some of my projects:

++XX - Coworking group for Seattle women who work in technology (design / development / usability / technical writing / social media / etc)

Decibel Festival - Volunteer for Seattle's largest electronic music festival

Seattle Street Art - Flickr group about street art / murals / stickers / etc.

Nwtekno - Electronic music in the northwest U.S. & Canada.