It does not serve the public to force changes down their throats because "we know better what the user wants, than the user does." Microsoft, very possibly the cash-richest corporation in human history, can afford to keep "classic" interfaces and options as well as whatever unproductive changes that they deem that novices (or anyone else) might prefer - in THEIR JUDGMENT. (By the way, this is not about "not liking the ribbon" - although the concomitant removal of the menu user interface in Office was the most technologically destructive move in the history of science.)

I write software and create spreadsheets and work output with the intent that every user or maintainer is pleased with what I gave them to work with. I stay until 11PM if I can tweak more clarity, faster performance, enhanced interface, better documentation, or anything else that I think of, to make my work product more satisfying to recipients, and I go to bed with no regrets of my contribution to society each day. This is in sharp contrast to what I perceive to be the Microsoft work effort. What they produce suggests that they rather grab their surfboard or X-Boxes at 5:00 each day. Of course, time is always carved out for interviews in tech media, where the "wunderkids" and "brilliant nerds" are prima-donnaed despite their true unworthiness.

So you came here because of the bizarre username. Okay. Funny - it would not exist, had Microsoft not economically slayed its superior competitors along the road. If Borland or Quarterdeck or Lotus had prevailed, I'm fairly certain that this tragic state of affairs would not exist. Meanwhile, someone really should be kicked in the nuts :)

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