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After 10 years in the software industry working at national, international and multinational organizations we can describe Hassan as:

Strongly motivated PHP and Javascript lover, Web development enthusiast above a passion for system design and algorithms. With an exceptional eye for details and a sense of urgency when it comes down to problem-solving and always eager to indulge in new challenges, especially on the technical level.

Now, Hassan is a Senior NodeJS Web Developer for and (, Technical Development head for ProCrew, Teaching Web development for more than 310 students, Academic Coach for more than 32 technical publications (His most recent publication is 'Smart and Incremental Model to Build Clustered Trending Topics of Web Documents') and web development consultant for a couple of software companies, also he is a Ph.D. student now in NLP and Web-mining.

Previously, Hassan was Software Architect for Crossover, working for Acquia (Drupal), Aurea, and BiznessApps as a "PHP and Javascript Software Architect" (remotely) for 2 years.

Hassan is an X-Amazon, he worked as a software engineer in Book Depository (owned by in addition to working for many organizations e.g ITWorx, Acquia, UN, XDigital, IRange, and Google Developer Group (GDG).

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