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My name is Antal Orcsik, but I prefer to be called Tony (he/him/his). I'm the engineering manager of two development squads at IBM in the CIO business unit. I live and work in Budapest, Hungary.

I joined IBM as a Senior Software Developer to work with HRIT solutions. After building and leading the Budapest squad for more than a year, I officially became their manager. Recently I was appointed as the manager of another team responsible for HR chatbot automation.

Before IBM, I worked as a Software Engineer in infrastructure and payments teams at Prezi for almost three years. I started working as a web developer in 2005 at I worked on köpö, a Hungarian weather portal, for more than five years.

In my free time, I own, design, and develop, a Hungarian movie premiere calendar page, along with some other hobby projects.

I'm a BSc in Computer Science from Eötvös Lóránt University.

You can find me on LinkedIn, follow me on GitHub, Twitter or Facebook.

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