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My career started out as a software developer, and from there I've focused my attention on my passion - creating games with powerful, relatable experiences. Throughout my career I've working on a wide variety of projects, from high performance computing to the cloud computing, from websites to game development. One element binds them all together : people and their experience.

What I've set out to do is build on the successes and knowledge of commercial entertainment games and the cutting edge of design, education and science to build new games that allow an insight into incredible worlds. I'm currently developing Antidote at Psyon Games, a game built on the real science of your body, making viruses, bacteria and difficult healthcare topics as accessible as possible.

From here, I'm looking to continue developing a reliable art and science fusion for developing new experiences through the media of games, applying this to Antidote as it continue to develop as a platform for healthcare learning, and in the creation of new products that explore key issues like energy use, poverty, mental health and climate change.

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