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Guillermo Garcia
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Software Development is my passion, while focusing on agile software development, and general business development. Driven by creating great products, solving business problems and enhancing processes like communication with remote teams; I like to blend seamless man-management linked to a sharp mind with strong analytical skills, clear vision of the far future and the crazy drive to make it all happen. I'm skeptical of fads and focused on meeting real business needs. I love exploring the big picture, yet also coding, teaching, and mentoring.

I founded Axtra R&D years ago in order to enhance the Ecuadorian tech-environment and become a valuable local partner in the creation of globally-reaching products and software solutions. However, I have since successfully reoriented my career when working with ioet Ltd as Engineering Manager. I always try to remain hands-on, focusing on valuable changes and surrounding my teams with much-needed support, especially when perspectives are cloudy, and priorities are unknown.

Specialties: Software Team Leadership, Project Management, Product Design, Technology Purchasing, UI Designer, Polyglot Programmer, OO Software Development, Relational Database Architect, NoSQL/Document-based Database Designer, Human-Computer Interaction Scientific Researcher.

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