I'm a pure mathematician with a career focused on improving the relationship between the math research and math education communities. My current position is Chief of Mathematics at the National Museum of Mathematics in New York, where my main role is creating and improving content for various programs and classes that the Museum offers to non-mathematicians, especially children.

My math specialization is the applications of algebraic number theory to geometric topology, especially applications of (generalized) quaternion algebras. I received my PhD from the CUNY Graduate Center as a student of Abhijit Champanerkar, then was a postdoctoral researcher at the UNAM Instituto de Matemáticas, Unidad Cuernavaca, Mexico, where I worked under Alberto Verjovsky. My research publications thus far can be found here: https://arxiv.org/a/quinn_j_2.html

Previous outreach and teaching related jobs: Quantitative Reasoning Fellow at Bronx Community College, teacher and course writer for the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth, adjunct math lecturer at Hunter College, math tutor at the Dolciani Mathematics Learning Center. Before any of that, I was a video editor and independent artist.