Thanasis Ioannidis

I am a software developer in a Greek IT company, mainly developing software with Microsoft Technologies (ASP.NET, MS-SQL Server, MS Visual Studio, WinForms, Web Services etc, C#, JavaScript, AJAX, etc)

I have been engaged with computer programming since my early childhood, following my father's hobby. I have written my first programs in a language called BBC BASIC, the language of the OS of the Acorn BBC Micro computer.

My first attempts in programming, as a kid, were just copying games code from a book. And by copying, I mean copying, the old way, by looking at the book and typing what I was reading. And, since I was still a kid in Greece, and the book was in English, i didn't have a clue of what I was reading, and I had no idea what the code I was copying was supposed to mean, or how it worked. But I wanted to play the game.

For many years I was experimenting with BBC BASIC, and that language taught me about many programming concepts, like functions and procedures, loops, conditional execution etc etc. I even wrote a very primitive 2D type of game (with a game loop end all the rest) when I had no idea how game programming works.

Later, at the university, the language we were using in the Programming course, was Pascal which, frankly, i didn't like. But there were also some seminars on C, and I really fell in love with that, almost cryptic, language. This is where I started exploring the world of programming faster and faster, and C++ was my next big love, after BBC BASIC.

Later I entered the world of 'visual' programming with Visual Studio and after a very brief stop on MFC, I entered the .NET world and C#. WinForms and WebForms programming is where I am now, as an employee in a IT company too. Personally I like the MVC framework more

Of course I tried and always try other and new tools, frameworks and languages, and I love to learn new tricks, techniques and best practices. Member since Thursday, November 24, 2011

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