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Education: B.A. Mathematics, Concordia University - Irvine, Ca. EET (Electronics Technology), DeVry Tech - Atlanta, Ga.

Overview: Unix/Linux System Administrator with programming skills with focus on automation using Expect / Tcl, Shell, Ansible, and Python, and continually pursuing best practices.

Software development: Current focus is saving time in the early stages of a device impairment or failure. On receipt of an SNMP trap or other alarm, steps are taken to retrieve system status, logs, and other pertinent info. If appropriate, the code will attempt proven fixes such as clearing disk space, stopping/starting services, or running additional checks.

A recent coding task was an in-house DDOS blocking system built from standard software on every Linux server, which successfully stopped the reflection attack.

software: ansible, automation, awk, bash, broadworks, css, cygwin, debian, expect, fail2ban, git, html, linux, mediawiki, perl, sed, sendmail, sql, sqlite, surgemail, tcl, voip

network: nmap, ping, tcpdump, traceroute, wireshark

hardware: dell, dl360, drac, hp, hpilo, p2000, poweredge, san

learning: vagrant, virtualbox, python, mysql, flask, postgresql

other: electronics, volunteer_organization_leadership, mathematics, radio

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