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Is there a way to mark as read all mails before a certain date in Gmail?
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Search for string before:date (date in format yyyy-mm-dd) and then choose More > Mark all as read. Watch out: This will select also emails from this date! I.e. before:2012-07-12 will select email ...

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Getting Google Drive to open in a certain folder?
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2 votes

Actually it seems to be impossible in Google Drive. The only way that comes to my mind would be to open the folder in Google Drive and then bookmark it.

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Commands to search for YouTube videos via the search bar
1 votes

All I could find was this, but it does not answer your question. Google does provide commands reference for GoogleSearch, but not for YouTube, and, after trying many things that came to my mind, the ...

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Facebook list of 'Restricted' contacts?
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You cannot see how does another person manage their lists (i.e. how many lists theey have, what are their names and which contact is in each list)

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