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Julian F. Weinert
  • Member for 4 years, 11 months
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  • Berlin, Germany

I'm a young, open-minded software developer from Berlin, Germany. Mainly self-educated I had not the easiest way into computer science. But endless hours of perfectionism and my endurance and curiosity helped me getting through "the dip" on my own.

During my first employment, starting 2009, I had the chance to age my skills and develop a strong experience in iOS as well as Mac OS development. With more than five years working experience I was able to create a profound knowledge about apple ecosystems, many frameworks and APIs and the work with them. I also worked on backends, server environments and APIs in PHP and front-end applications in PHP, HTML5, JavaScript and CSS3.

I'm full-blood programmer but I also do more artistic stuff like theatre lighting, light installations and music. I have a band and also create electronic music as solo artist.

My ingenuity, creativity and flexibility are characteristics that I can rely on, when dealing with complex problems or a challenging project. So I'm trying to get all my goods together and use all different kinds of strategies to manage my jobs and get stuff done.

Since May 2014 I'm working as freelancer for Web, iOS & Mac OS in Berlin. If you're looking exactly for me, please feel free to visit my Stackoverflow Careers profile or contact me via Xing or LinkedIn.

You can find my open source projects on GitHub

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