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I have a steady job in sales but love to write code on my spare time. I have created a few Android apps all the way back to Android Froyo(2010) and I always have some ide I work on. I have done programming since 1977 most as a hobby. Core .Net, C# VB C++, Java, some Kotlin, Perl, ReactJs, Maskin Code, Hacking all types of stuff, Reversed engineered some Currently I live in Sweden Malmö and dream of transitting to a full time Android developer, ReactJs or just freelance. Contact: [email protected] (scroll down..)

Mix of projects:

Here are a list of project I have created:

2018: (reverse engineere existing source)
Battery Extended - connect to your special Bluetooth battery

PortPlays The legacy game and address tool

SPRiiD: Share Files From One Android Device To Another Over WiFi/ 3G

GymApp on Google play

I like:

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