Way-back-when, I sat in front of a VAX VT-100 monochrome terminal and thought to myself "can I do this for the rest of my life?". I instead migrated towards Accounting. Years later, moving into IT save my soul from slowly being sucked dry by the mind-numbing effect of Accounting.

Since then I learned programming, mostly by trial and error (significantly more error than trial though). I also continued this at home, but in a different direction.

At work I started off with VBA, VB6 and then VB.NET (of ASP.NET) with a MS SQL Server on the back-end. Much of it was self-teaching and bugging the experienced developers with questions. When I started taking classes in VB.NET I found all the things the experienced developers told me to do, that was "wrong" or not how you were supposed to do it!

Meanwhile, at home I had an aging Windows 98 computer and couldn't afford a new computer at the time. A friend introduced me to Linux and it a downhill slide from that point on! Since Linux didn't have much support for VB or VB.NET, I instead taught myself PHP and MySQL.

Having a project is the easiest way to learn a language, so I set up a PHP website for an organization's auction fundraiser that managed all of the bidders, auction items, winning bidders and cashing out, and even using credit cards. All the volunteers needed was a computer and a browser!

This self-gained experience eventually was pulled into my work life when I was put to working on the company's Drupal websites. That started off with learning FreeBSD vs. Linux and updating Drupal from 5 to 7 once I has some semblance of an idea what Drupal is! All at the same time (and I still have a different view than my boss on whether that time frame was appropriate or longer than it should have been...).

And now, here I am.

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