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Ethical, meticulous, cross-disciplined web developer. Military, contractor and agency experience. Army veteran (honorable discharge).

Possess diverse industrial/cultural exposure and over 20 years of experience (including 8 years 100% remote). Uses semantic HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap4, jQuery3, Vanilla JavaScript (ES6-11), WordPress and SEO to design performant, mobile-first, responsive interfaces and cross-browser UX. Employs PHP, MySQL/PDO, AJAX and JSON-LD to create REST APIs and secure data stores.

Author of Ргιsм💎ςıρнεя For Chrome; keep your Gmail, Yahoo email and Outlook email safe from surveillance. Encryption inspired by No Such Agency. Chrome extension.

Developer of localDataStorage.js; a handy interface that improves localStorage by letting you seamlessly set/get primitive values (Array, Boolean, Date, Float, Object, String). It also fires change events on the same page/tab that originated them.

Maker of HackerNewsVue. With a little left padding in all the right places, your favorite social news site just got easier on the eyes. Auto-linked comments let you follow the commentary. Unnecessary labels are eliminated. Chrome extension.

Creator of Passphrase Life; a robust, configurable self-directed audit & analysis service. How long will your password live? Find out now!

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