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I am a software engineer, manager, and data scientist with a broad range of experience. I have been developing software for 26 years. 17 of those years were paid including 5 years managing other software engineers. I have worked with low level languages (assembly and C), high level languages (Python and SQL), those at both ends of mid-level (C++ and C#), as well as some other programming languages that are now historical. I've worked on products and projects such as mass market PC games, mass market software development tools, data visualization and analysis tools, a distributed job processing system, software code libraries, an SDK, a turn based strategy web game, machine learning based stock market analysis software, a multi-processed browser toolbar platform, C++ unit testing frameworks, and a future's trading platform.

I have received promotions at all but one of the companies at which I had a permanent full-time position. This is reflected on my DOCX formatted resume, but not this online profile, by multiple titles listed for each company. Even my summer internship was extended to be a remote position when the fall semester began.

I've worked at companies ranging in size from fifty people to one hundred thousand people. I have managed teams ranging in size from two to ten. I've been part of delivering project and products with scope ranging from a few man weeks up to a few thousand man years employing SCRUM, waterfall, iterative waterfall, and cowboy coding. I have owned delivering projects and products up to 6 man years in scope. I have worked on products that ship every month, every quarter, and from 12 to 36 months.

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