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I am confident that my background, training, skills, and years of experience in the field of Information Technologies will be an asset to your company. To date, I have gained over 25 years’ experience in computer-based media. I excel at critical and analytical analysis to produce UI/UX rich environments meant to reduce time spent in those environments both on the end-user and on the workforce to run them. Turning a customer/employer’s needs into reality is a fulfilling aspect of my career.

I have a proven ability to deliver technological cost savings while championing development, design, and implementation efforts to improve productivity and business operations. My paid work experience started at age the young age of 12 with nothing more than note pad and understanding what I had taught myself from GeoCities. I gained training under leaders of the industry at great employment opportunities such as Gemini 8m Telescopes (under NOAO, funded by NSF, and seven countries) through my last employer, Washington State University (a land grant state university). As a Regional and National award winner in animation, print design, and web development, I count myself lucky.

I have been a part of changeling projects with impressive teams that always helped refined my skill set at every stage.

I love my profession!

(Awarded through Telly's, CASE, and American Advertising Federation)
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