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Miguel Angelo
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I am a programmer... now I work with .Net 4 and C#4 doing everything, Asp.Net web forms, windows forms, and so on. I have experience with a lot of things in this field:

  • Visual Studio add-ins
  • Asp.Net
  • Web forms
  • Windows forms
  • Javascript
  • jQuery

My passions are:

  • Optimization
  • Low level understanding
  • Classification of things
  • Machine intelligence
  • Exploration

I started my path with Visual Basic 5. Soon I found it insufficient, but I liked it, so started C++ and did a lot of interop with them, and sometimes assembly. Then I worked with a friend using PHP4 and Javascript. Now I am a C#4 programmer with 4 years of experience... my overall experience is about 12 years now, since I started programming.

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