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What is the one joy I would never overcome or understand? It is my fascination with coding. It is the one thing that saved me from the pangs of regret of not becoming a surgeon. I fell in love with coding in my final year at the university via Udacity's computer science introduction course with Python.

I found web development through a medical student (Doctor Ephraim) who gave me VTC's HTML and CSS course by James Gonzalez. Then I met my friend and mentor Daniel, who introduced me to software engineering and placed this dream in my heart, as he was fluent in Python, javascript and PHP.

Currently, I am on the Fullstack React development path. I want to be proficient in; Html and CSS, Javascript (and Typescript) and React.js, Express.js and Node.JS, Python for backend (fast API or Django), MongoDB and PostgreSQL. I am also interested in design theory and UI design with Figma.

My other interests in software engineering besides web development are networking and cloud computing, data science and machine learning, mobile app development and cybersecurity. A dream isn't much until it comes true, and this dream coming true is synonymous with me landing my first software engineering job.

In fantasy land, it is a remote job, with competitive pay, in a team that upholds mentorship, and I am sitting at my sturdy standing desk, sipping overly priced coffee, staring at an unnecessarily huge OLED curved monitor powered with my M1 max MacBook, and I can see the faces of all my teammates; as we are participating in our daily standup meeting, and we smile all over. So until that happens, I'd keep holding on and figuring it all out.

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