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I am an active user of StackOverflow since 2010 and I assure you that this place is not what it looks like.

A group of inadequate Rubyists teaming with SO moderators are stalking me and abusing their privileges to delete all my content without a reason. When I have managed to make one moderator follow the rules, in revenge thay randomly chose one old answer of mine and collectively downvoted it 5 times within minutes -- I flagged that but moderators ignored it, same as they have ignored all the rest of my flags. Because they are the same team. Toxic community of ungrateful inadequate people who censor me and delete my content just because I responsibly follow the official rules of SO that they don't follow. They are blatantly violating multiple SO rules, they are collectively stalking, downvoting and deleting random answers of mine just to show that nothing can stop them because they are moderators. Such behaviour isn't professional, it is disgusting and shameful. They are such mean people that even write insults on me in comments. When I flags insults the flags get ignored. No matter what is written in rules of SO they don't work because moderators are promoting different rules -- such that allow people to insult you in comments, calling you bad words, saying that you are handicapped and other things. Moderators refuse to remove such comments and if you create a post in Meta to highlight the problem, instead of acting and fixing it they only write even more insults on you -- the Meta website is a trap place where they call you to come to throw even more trash on you, publicly insult and demean you. Do not believe moderators -- they always lie and censor everything that would expose it.

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