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Leon van der Walt
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  • Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany

A seasoned developer, architect and mentor, of 26 years experience.

I helped deliver countless successful projects, on teams large, small and diverse. Even single-handedly in some cases.

I focus on how to ship a profitable project on time, by smart use of current practises and technologies. And I make sure the client is happy with the result, and the way we worked together.

I have also helped clean up huge code-bases, to the point where changes are cheap again.

Self-driven and self-motivated, but always sharing and communicating. When something holds me – or the team – back, I let the right people know, immediately.


Fluent English (native)
Very basic German (A1 level at most)

Skills summary

C#, SQL Server / MSSQL / T-SQL, ASP.NET MVC, Javascript, TypeScript, Library and API development, WPF, Entity Framework, IIS, HTML 5, Design patterns (MVVM, MVC, etc.), TDD and automated testing, Continuous integration, Data warehousing, Git, Team Foundation Services, Subversion, Bitbucket, Scrum

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