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First and foremost I am a proud father for two lovely and smart kids, and a husband to a lovely and smart super-wife.

I really enjoy Configuration Management. I was a programmer in the past but frankly, it was boring. In a CM position, I get to see and influence the full development process; I work with many different people at different levels; I handle a large variety of tools and technologies; and I get really interesting problems to solve.

I spend a lot of my spare time on webinars and articles dealing with various CM topics, from theoretical high-level Agile concepts to hands-on Python workshops. And still, there are so many things I know nothing about... more learning opportunities I guess!

Then I am a gamer. a PC gamer. Been gaming since I was 10 years old and never stopped since. My favorite genres are RPG (single- and multi-player), Puzzle Games, and Turn-based Strategy. Sleep? I don't need that. It's basically a waste of gaming time :)

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