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I'm a freelance artist here in the wonderful state of Georgia.

During downtime that I might have between work and family I have been learning web development. It's really fun and exciting to learn more about what we can do with code.

My background in Graphic Design goes back to around 1995. I got my first taste using the first version of Illustrator. It was a free copy from a computer magazine and from there I never looked back.

At this point I have about 15 years in Print/Web development and production. Been manager and also a print operator for several companies. Took time doing mild development in IT. Which is why I am learning more about Front-End Web development. At this point I mainly do consulting and freelance print design. Helping small to fortune 500 companies seek solutions to today's needs.

I ask a lot of questions so please take kindly to me. And if you would like to touch base just leave me a comment.

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