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This is Mohammed M. AlBanna, someone who loves to understand the basics before the kickoff, digging deeply, has inside that amount of Chakra to learn any technical skills, never sleeps, and loves working remotely from his small home.

It has been started in 2012 after my graduation from Information Technology college as a Software Engineer, following those ancient habits to start looking for a job after graduation...but wait! I actually did not!

I spent another year learning the new programming skills, building my own web applications, Chrome extensions, Firefox Add-ons, and developing with Android building my awesome two applications which one of which has won two prizes (Swift Braille for Blind and Visually Impaired)!

After spending time at five local companies, within a year and a half, I noticed this is not what I was looking for, not the market that I wanted to play with, to improve it...this not what I was preparing and training for!

I moved to my own way, spent another year learning the new skills, built something cool, moved to the Freelance platforms (Elance, Upwork, Freelancer...etc), and start getting some money! Yeah, I have now my own workspace which I will be using to improve your product/business!

Now, 100% of my work time is done remotely, developing businesses and web-based SaaS products, fixing bugs, debugging, writing technical design documents, WordPress CMS management, React, Docker, Git, Unit Testing, and more!

After more than five years as a remote full-stack web developer, worked with many people and companies around the world, of course, I'm very excited to start working together!

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