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Pedro Gaspar
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  • São Paulo, Brasil

Learning how to program (a computer) in a self-taught way since 1994 (more or less), when the internet basically served to access and buy programming books in English (I live in Brazil, where we speak brazilian portuguese, but at that time we could found nothing about computer programming in portuguese)! Programming "professionally" since 1997 (I think).

Around 2000 (I imagine) I created with some friends a website called FatorX, with the intention of generating some content about programming (and other things), and there we used pseudonyms based on characters of comics, mine was Lobo, so I used LoboFX around here. The FatorX was on the air until 2003 (or not?).

I love to learn and understand how things work, and to share the little knowledge I have, when I can.

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