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I have 3 google apps domain accounts and a personal google account, and until recently, there was little need for the google app's calendars to have any real use;

Now however the powers that be finally discovered the smart re-scheduler and the other google tools for managing meetings and schedules; unfortunately I'm now in a position where I've got events notifications all over the place and because each of the calendars do not know about each other, I'm losing all of the advantages of rescheduler / free-busy status.

TL;DR, 4 calendars, unified 'free busy' status without having to manually copy every event please.

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This is one feature that Google Calendar is seriously lacking. – McThunderThighs Jun 14 '11 at 3:40

This feature is not currently available in Google Calender.

And it is very unlikely to have any Grease-monkey Script/ Google Chrome Extension/ Java Script to perform such a function.

Also, Google Labs is now down, otherwise there would have been a little hope.

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