Is there any way to change the default commit message for pull requests merged via Bitbucket? When I click "Merge" button on top of a pull request page, the resulting commit has a default message like

Merged in some-branch (pull request #25)

The problem is the fragment #25 because I often push the same repository also to GitHub which links the number to the issue no. 25. I know that there is a text area where I can edit the message before each merge but it's really hard to remember.

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Unfortunately this isn't currently possible to do with BitBucket. I'll update this answer if that ever changes, however.

You could potentially do a hazardous git rebase -i or git commit --amend and force push after the fact to rectify the issue if you know for certain no one else has pulled and is working off of the commit you are about to change...


Instead of the hazardous git rebase -i as proposed by @Stunner, you can just do a local merge with customized message.

git fetch origin refs/pull-requests/123/from
git merge FETCH_HEAD
(git push origin)

Options you can use with git-merge are -e, -m and --no-ff, depending on your desired style.


I was trying to find the same to implement some automation.

I found it https://jira.atlassian.com/plugins/servlet/mobile#issue/BSERV-8384

If more people vote on this ticket we may have this option in some release

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