When I click on a project with a lot of forks, I see the following message:

Couldn't load network graph.

Too many forks to display.

Example: https://github.com/odoo/odoo/network

What to do when this is displayed? How can I see the forks of a project when it's hosted on GitHub and there are too many to list according to the network graph?


I just stumbled across an app called Stargazers forks which lets you see all the forked versions of a repo regardless of how many forks there are. You can sort by number of issues, stars, or last updated.

For example: http://forked.yannick.io/odoo/odoo

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  • Very useful, thanks! I use the Lovely forks browser extension to see the one most popular fork when I visit a repo, but yannick's site is good for browsing the complete list. – joeytwiddle Nov 12 '18 at 3:03

If GitHub won't show you the network graph because there are too many forks, try the Members tab instead.

You may still get the following warning:

Woah, this network is huge! We're showing only some of this network's repositories.

but at least you'll be able to see some of the forks.

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    Alright, but this seems to be a limitation of github somehow i.e. to see "some of the forks" is not the same as seeing them all :) Up-voting for the recommendation, though. – Meetai.com Apr 24 '15 at 23:49

Also you can use GitHub API ( https://developer.github.com/v3 ) and parse JSON in any language to filter data ( only names and links to forks )


In response headers you can find next pages

Link:"<https://api.github.com/repositories/19745004/forks?page=2>; rel="next", <https://api.github.com/repositories/19745004/forks?page=122>; rel="last""
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