My Formual currently counts the amount of times one word, out of 3 options of a dropdown, is selcted in one column, but I only want it to count it if it has certain text(a name), in another cell on the same row.

My 3 formulas for counting. I only want them to count if the text in column C contains "Alex". I've tried using array and everything but I've scrapped it all as I can't get it to work.

=COUNTA(IFERROR( FILTER( 'Case Logger'!E:E , SEARCH( "Website" , 'Case Logger'!E:E ) ) ) )

=COUNTA(IFERROR( FILTER( 'Case Logger'!E:E , SEARCH( "Database" , 'Case Logger'!E:E ) ) ) )

=COUNTA(IFERROR( FILTER( 'Case Logger'!E:E , SEARCH( "Tags" , 'Case Logger'!E:E ) ) ) )

  • Figured it out using this formula =COUNTIFS('Case Logger'!C6:C1075,"Brandon Little" , 'Case Logger'!E6:E1075, "Tags") – ChrisWhelo Dec 4 '16 at 3:42


Try something like the following:



  • COUNTIFS does what you are looking for in a simpler way.
  • The asterisk (*) is a wildcard. The asterisk enclosed text tells that that the text could appear on any part of the cell value.



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