I have an issue with viewing the connections of my connections on LinkedIn. When I try to check out on their profile, the connections, only the mutual connections appear. I have had a discussion with him and he has made this information visible to all.

This happens with many of my connections. I wanted to know some particular reasons for that and the possibile solutions to that. Currently I have some 1500+ connections


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From LinkedIn help (italics are mine):


By default, your 1st-degree connections can see your list of connections. This lets them browse your network and find mutual friends and colleagues. No matter which setting you select, your 1st-degree connections will always be able to see shared connections.


Your connection may choose to hide connections they don't want to share. In this case, there won't be a See connections option on the member's profile.


It's a LinkedIn feature. Your connections can choose whether they wish to reveal NON-SHARED connections or not. Within Settings > Who can see your connections, they can select one of two options in the dropdown:

  • You (so no one can see the non-shared connections)
  • Your connections

When you asked your connection to make the change, he changed the preference from the 1st option to the 2nd.

Note: You cannot hide shared connections from your 1st degree connections.

  • "You cannot hide shared connections from your 1st degree connections." This is a privacy issue on LinkedIn, like on Instagram. People who want to hide a connection have to remove it.
    – baptx
    Oct 28, 2023 at 20:18

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