I'm part of a nonprofit that runs workshops for schoolchildren. In these workshops they must edit Google Drive documents.

Up to 90 children attend these workshops at a time and they all need a suitable account to access the documents.

We don't want them to use their own google accounts because of the privacy implications so we want some workshop-only accounts. But registering 90 accounts is extremely time consuming (plus, it appears that you can only register four or so to the same phone number).

Is there a system by which we can have a 'group' of Google Accounts created in bulk and administered by some trusteed user? We've got a budget, but my googling is coming up with nothing (extremely ironically)


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Checkout if your non-profit is eligible for G Suite for non-profits on https://www.google.com/nonprofits/eligibility/ if so, you could ask Google to give you enough accounts to run your workshop for free.

With G Suite you could assign someone as the organization administrator who will be able to do bulk account creation / password reset and more.


G Suite, which is the Google offer for businesses, offers this functionality. You can have multiple users join an organization, with its own space for documents (e.g. Google Sheets), email, etc.

G Suite allows adding several users at once. You will have access to an admin console to manage your users. Each user will get a separate account; the account will be independent of the user's private Google account, if they happen to have one.

  • I have done this, and it solved my immediate problem - however I'm going to accept the other answer because it looks like it will solve my problem for less money. :)
    – Joe
    Apr 25, 2018 at 16:12

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