I want to be able to sort rows of cells with differing data based on whether or not any one of the cells in each row has a problem/is incomplete.


If I have hundreds of columns that all have different names in column A, and 5 cells in each row have random 1s and 0s, how do I filter out all of the rows that happen to contain 0s in them? Or all 1s? Etc.

Please feel free to ask me to elaborate if need be.

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Do you mean, different names in A, and B to F of each row there are 1s or 0s randomly? And, you want to extract/filter the names with all 0s in B to F or all 1s?

enter image description here

I expect this is similar to what you said. I hope this is helpful. 1 Line for a copy & paste.


P.S. Oh, The text "A34" in B31 should be "A32".

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