As explained here we can upload images to the Experience section of LinkedIn profile. But after the images are loaded (as shown here), if you want to rearrange/order them in certain order how would you do that?

For example if you upload three images as follows Img1, Img2, Img3, LinkedIn will display them as Img3, Img2, Img1. I could not find a way to re-arrange the order (e.g. Img2, Img1,Img3) except deleting all the images first and reload them in certain order but that process is cumbersome for a larger number of images as it requires you to re-enter title and description of each image.


Change the date by resaving or editing the date on the image. It's a LIFO stack - last saved appears first on LinkedIn 2020.


Sort the image names in ascending order. Then select all the images and upload them. They'll appear according to the sorted names.

Fixed worked as on: 30th April 2021

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