Not sure if this has been answered else ware but, I'm trying to use the importrange function in Sheets to import a list of dates from spreadsheet A to spreadsheet B. That part works fine, however, if a date is changed in A, the importrange function won't auto-update B. Is there a way to get that auto-update to work?

I've looked at possibly using Google Script--I was hoping there was a way to run the importrange function using some sort of button (I don't mind clicking a button to update all importrange functions in B).

  • can you share a copy of your sheet? (because normal behavior is to be auto-updated on a change) – user0 Aug 14 at 19:54

with IMPORTRANGE you can experience ~1 second delay:


  • Are you sure that the same occurs if both spreadsheet are not open at the same time? – Rubén Aug 15 at 1:34

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