I uploaded a video on YouTube in creative commons license. Can I change it to standard YouTube license?

Not that I am going to change it, but just to know.


Yes you can. Here is a screenshot of where you can change it. When you go into the YouTube studio, and click to edit your video details, Its under, License and distribution:

enter image description here

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    I meant , What if someone used it in their video. Can I change it then? Jul 25 at 15:16
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    For example I used a cc video to make a video. Then the creater made it to standard youtube license. So will i get copyright strike for that? Jul 25 at 15:18
  • Oh, Sorry I don't know. My guess would be yes, they would probably get a copyright claim if someone changed the license of the video. But I don't know for sure. Jul 25 at 19:29

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