In Google Sheets, I need to return the count of rows that contain two criteria within a range of columns. The criteria can appear in any of 3 columns. For example:

 |  A           B           C
1|  external    FSO        
2|  FSO         internal    test
3|  test        AI          internal
4|  FSO         test        external
5|  AI          internal     
6|  FSO
7|  external    test        FSO
8|  external    test      

If I needed to return the count all columns with FSO and external, I would return a count of 3 since they appear in rows 1,4, and 7.

How could I accomplish this? My original query does not work: =COUNTIFS(Issues!$E$2:$I$500,”external”,Issues!$E$2:$I$500,”FSO”)


Use a filter() with two conditions, like this:

      regexmatch(Issues!A1:A & Issues!B1:B & Issues!C1:C, "FSO"), 
      regexmatch(Issues!A1:A & Issues!B1:B & Issues!C1:C, "external") 
  • I've been bashing my head against this for hours, and this solved it. Thanks a ton! – Bradley Camacho Jun 4 at 20:00

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