I have a list of codes that are each assigned to a specific bigger case code and I would like to put a list all of the smaller codes that share one bigger case code in one cell. for example

D2-D6 are a 01 02 03 04 05 and C2-C3 is 1

  1. I want to group all the codes in the D column that share a 1 figure in the C column so the cell of my dreams would read "01,02". Any ideas on how to make this happen?

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You can first FILTER your range so that you're just left with the rows that you want. This would look like this =FILTER(C2:D6, C2:C6 = 1). Then you'd need to somehow join the values in cells you've filtered. You could use TEXTJOIN for this =TEXTJOIN(",", TRUE, TO_TEXT(F6), TO_TEXT(F7)). I have cells from column F in my TEXTJOIN because that is where my filtered range went.

Note: I've tested my answer on Google Sheets but it is not clear from your question whether you are using Google Sheets or MS Excel.


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