I have a large number of .cpp (C++) files I would like to upload to Google Drive. However, on my computer, the C++ programs are stored with their compilation as well, and the compilation tends to be much larger than the C++ programs. However, my aim is just to backup my existing .cpp files, so I do not need to also upload the compiled files as well.

So overall, my question is: Is there any way to specify files types for Google Drive to accept or ignore, when uploading a folder to Google Drive?


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If you are in Ubuntu, you can use the terminal, or if you are in windows, you can use the Git Bash to separate the C++ files.

  1. Go to the folder containing the C++ files, right click and open terminal / Git Bash.
  2. First, make a new folder using the command: mkdir only_cpp_files
  3. Then copy the files with the extension .cpp to the only_cpp_files using the command: cp *.cpp only_cpp_files/
    Now you can upload only_cpp_files folder to Google Drive.

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