In Google Sheets, I work with data spanning a few orders of magnitude, like mm (millimeter), µm (micrometer), and nm (nanometer). I wrote this formula for a custom number format using conditional rules:

[>=1000000]0.00,, "mM";[>=1000]0.00, "µM";0.00 "nM"

In this formula, nanometers are the default unit, so the data needs to be input in terms of nanometers. This means that:

1 is displayed as "1.00 nm"
1000 is displayed as "1.00 µm"
1000000 is displayed as "1.00 mm"

However, most of the data I work with is in the micrometer range, so I want to find a way to make micrometers the default unit for convenience. This would mean that:

0.001 should be displayed as "1.00 nm"
1 should be displayed as "1.00 µm"
1000 should be displayed as "1.00 mm"

Is there a way to do this?



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