I'm trying to get a range from another spreadsheet, to appear depending on an ID number placed in the current sheet, I've been doing that for other data within the sheet and spreadsheet, but whenever I need to make the INDIRECT formula place a IMPORTRANGE formula, it just doesn't work.

A1 in the current sheet is being used as an ID number, representing a Row in other sheets and spreadsheets.


INDIRECT is giving the current output: =TRANSPOSE(IMPORTRANGE("<SpreadsheetLink>","<Sheet>!B3:K3")) saying "It is not a valid cell/range reference."

"3" being the value in A1 and the current ID number

Pasting that same output in another cell works just fine, but I want the ID number to be changed eventually and I don't want to enter the formula every single time since it will be very time consuming in the long run.

Why Isn't it possible? It's just not? But why not?


Just tried something from another post:


Which in gave me this: Function INDIRECT parameter 1 value is "Estudio!B3:K3". It is not a valid cell/range reference.

↑ That being the same error, but without the formula, maybe the INDIRECT formula is reacting to the <Sheet>!<Range> format?

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For the record, If I didn't post this, I wouldn't have found the answer.


Turns out I didn't even need the INDIRECT Formula at all... I barely get it.

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