I'm trying to create a counter of the maximum daily "win streak" of a specific activity. However, in any given day it's perfectly reasonable to have not attempted the activity in question at all. Weekends in particular are the usual culprit. So I need to be able to count the largest "winning streak" that can have days which are skipped.

Data example:

Date Win
Mon, Sep 12 FALSE
Tue, Sep 13 TRUE
Wed, Sep 14 FALSE
Thu, Sep 15 TRUE
Fri, Sep 16 TRUE
Sat, Sep 17 -
Sun, Sep 18 -
Mon, Sep 19 TRUE

So in this example, the largest win streak is 3. Saturday and Sunday are ignored as nothing happened those days.

I currently am using a formula at this page and it works but does not ignore days without activity:


How can I modify this formula to ignore "null" days, or use a different single-formula (no helper columns etc.) approach?

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Use frequency(), like this:

=arrayformula( max( frequency(if(B2:B = true, row(B2:B)), if(B2:B = false, row(B2:B))) ) )


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