Is there a way to change the default sort order in Github for issues and pull requests? The default is "Newest", but I would prefer "Recently updated", as I want to see the most recent activity.

The default sort order often buries recent updates down far from the top of the list. Every time I visit the list of issues or pull requests, I have to manually change the sort order to "Recently updated", which is annoying.

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GitHub does not support this natively, however, there is an extension Refined GitHub that includes that as one of the many tweaks.

Refined GitHub

Refined GitHub is a browser extension that simplifies the GitHub and GitHub Enterprise interfaces and adds useful features.

Most features can be disabled if they are JavaScript-based and the extension's CSS can be overridden in the extension's options.

The extension adds ~20 features for conversations including changing the default sort order to Recently updated.

The ~300 Features are listed on the Repository page grouped by:

The extension works with Chrome (and other Chromium browsers), Firefox (including Firefox Android), and Safari on Mac, iOS, and iPadOS.

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