=SUM(IMPORTRANGE("1kWMBhk0T423p411K5_5sKOMQFdAsEDapdasYyr9gZj8","Oct!N2:N") "SELECT Col16, where Col16 contains 'Paid' )")

I need to calculate only the total of paid invoices

Does somebody had a similar situation?

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The formula is using incorrect syntax, and there are semantic issues as well. You are only importing one column. That column cannot simultaneously contain 'Paid' and a number in the same row.

Use this pattern:

  importrange("1kWMBhk0T423p411K5_5sKOMQFdAsEDapdasYyr9gZj8", "Oct!A2:Z"), 
  "select sum(Col9) where Col14 contains 'Paid' label sum(Col9) '' ", 

Replace Col9 with a reference to the column you want to sum, and Col14 with a reference to the column that contains Paid flags.


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