I'm very new to using Google Sheets, and I'm trying to create a sheet that pulls data from my form submissions.

The form submissions go into Shift Report and I have two outcomes depending on product. Broadband Outcome and Voice Outcome. I need both submissions for these two outcomes to go into a column together on another sheet. I have tried multiple things in regards to query and concatenate but I can't seem to get it to work.

Any help will be much apreciated.

In summary:

Sheet 1 = Shift Report

Sheet 2 = Annual Data

I need columns K and U from Shift Report to go into column J in Annual Data

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I don't know exactly how do you expect your outcome to be, but you can try with things like these:

={'Shift Report'!K:K} to grab an entire column
=ARRAYFORMULA('Shift Report'!K:K&'Shift Report'!U:U) If you need to concatenate in one column both values. If you need to add a separator you can put it in between:
=ARRAYFORMULA('Shift Report'!K:K&" - "&'Shift Report'!U:U) 

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