I have tried Zamzar, which was the only one out of the many I tried that actually worked, however it created a barely readable PDF that centred all the text in the top left corner with almost no margins, and the text was not very readable - just not something I would want to read on my iPhone.

What would be awesome was something that tried to convert it into a readable format, more like a book - or something that was visually similar to webpages that have been processed into Arc90's Readability extension.

So if there is a web or Windows app that does this well, I would love to try it!

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Though not a web application, you could download a plugin such as CutePDF that enables you to print to PDF. In order to convert the entire document, you must select the highest level book, click print, and choose Print the selected heading and all subtopics. From there, I believe you can customize headers and footers to be added to the final PDF.

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