I'm looking to merge a couple .pdf files for a one-off and don't want to install anything on my PC.

Anyone know of any web apps which will let me merge .pdf files?

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You can use Google Docs to upload, modify and combine PDFs, then output it as a new PDF. Might cause some formatting issues if the PDF contents are really funky, but it's free and easy and you probably already have a Google account.

  • How can you modify & combine PDFs? Can you please provide the steps – mvark Nov 14 '12 at 8:38

While not a webapp, you may be interested in PDFTK Builder Portable - a version of PDFTK Builder that can be run without installation on Windows.


Have a look at PDF Mergy. Allows to merge pdf files with a drag and drop interface. Requires a recent HTML5-capable web browser.

I know this comes a bit late, but maybe it helps anybody who happens to stumble across this.


PDF Rider is an open source project on Codeplex. This utility provides a GUI for the command-line program Pdftk.

PDFSAM (PDF Split and Merge) is another free, open source utility to split and merge pdf files.

I've tried both in the past & found PDF Rider to be faster than PDFSAM.



This service enables you to combine PDF documents into a single one, free of charge. All you need to do is select the PDF documents that you want to merge together on your computer and click a button, as instructed below.

  1. pdfonline.com
  2. PDFJoin
  3. PDFHammer
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    if pdfonline is point 1 does that make MergePDF 0 ? :) – phwd Aug 1 '10 at 0:30

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