Is there any way for GitHub to notify a person, or track when the .zip file from a plugin repo is downloaded from GitHub?

The ZIP that I am referring to is that which is available when viewing a public repository page on GitHub's website.

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There are no ways to do it because GitHub delivers only two kinds of notifications:

  • Participating:
    • Someone mentions you or a team you're a member of
    • You are assigned to an issue or pull request
    • Someone makes a comment in a conversation you're subscribed to
  • Watching
    • Opened issues and their comments
    • Opened pull requests and their comments
    • Comments on any commits
    • Published releases

Although it will not send a notification, you will be able to see if your repo has been cloned by visiting /user-name/repo-name/graphs/traffic. However, you will not be able to identify the user.

Also, downloading a repo using the 'Download Zip' button will not increase the clones/unique clones count.


The code from any repository can be/will be downloaded without the owner getting notified.

Also, this downloading is similar to using git clone which will also not send a notification.


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