I use my actual face for my Google+ profile but since I'm not a narcissist, I'm already sick of seeing it every single time I'm using Youtube, Gmail, Maps, Calendar and of course Search.

How can I hide visibility of my Google+ profile picture so I don't constantly see it?

I want others to see it when searching for me online.

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A solution that works is to:

  1. Use the page information feature of your browser to examine the images on the Google Search page and locate your profile image. For Firefox this is right click -> page info -> media tab
  2. The URL will be something like
    • https://[a google server]/[an internal id specific to you]/[lots of gibberish]/photo.jpg
  3. Add a filter into AdBlock Plus or your tool of choice of:
    • ||*/[the internal id specific to you]/*.jpg

Your Google+ profile picture will now be hidden from you when using the internet.

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