The title speaks for itself. I am looking to do two things in Google Sheets, because I am entering data from a different third-party app using Google API.


I need Google Sheets to auto sort a column I specify with it's rows. So for example, this:

   | A       | B
 1 | This is | 22
 2 | Is      | 33
 3 | A Test  | 44

Should look like this when sorting column A:

   | A       | B
 1 | A Test  | 44
 2 | Is      | 33
 3 | This is | 22


I have 7 sheets in the same workbook and they all carry the same format and data type. I want them to be automatically copied (duplicated) as is to an 8th sheet, so whenever I add any data in, for example, sheet 1, it automatically be add to the last sheet, which will be containing all the data from all the sheets in the workbook.

I hope that I am clear enough.


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Sorting a range (for example A and B columns) is a built-in function:

  1. Select the range to be sorted
  2. Go to Data>Sort
  3. Specify sorting criteria.

To duplicate to another sheet, you have to first decide how wide the original ones are going to get. For example, suppose each sheet only uses five columns A:E.

Then on Sheet8 you can enter


and so on. This way, the content of Sheet1 is in columns A:E of Sheet8, the content of Sheet2 is in columns G:K, and so on.

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