I created a Google Docs form that collects (mostly) biographical and contact data from users. Now I would like to reverse the process and repopulate the form with each user's input, one page per user. I guess this is like Word's mail merge.

I see that Google Docs has a scripting language, but is there a simpler way to re-generate these form submissions without learning another scripting language? Cosmetics aren't at all important in this use case, I would just like to provide the user data to another audience without asking them to navigate a spreadsheet.


With some more searching I found that someone wrote Google Sheets add-on that does just this. The add-on is Save as Doc. The output doesn't look exactly like the form, but it generates a Google Doc with page breaks after every row and you can specify the column titles as an level of heading.

For simplicity it is pretty hard to beat.

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